Crowdfunding Investmentsth

With Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments through the B.I.M. Investment Group investors directly access real estate investments in top US markets spanning the length of the risk-return spectrum and earn 12-14% average returns. With minimums as low as $5,000, building a diversified real estate portfolio that fits your goals has never been easier.


Stock Market Investmentsinvestments_mainpage-e1401844180765

Over the last few decades, the average person’s interest in the stock market has grown exponentially. What was once a toy of the rich has now turned into the vehicle of choice for growing wealth. This demand coupled with advances in trading technology has opened up the markets so that nowadays nearly anybody can own stocks. B.I.M. understands that not everyone trusts the Stock Market, we are here to demystify the market and assist you in making substantial returns.

Angel Investments

Angel investors invest in early stage or start-up companies in exchange for an equity ownership interest.

Here is what angels particularly care about:

·         The quality, passion, commitment, and integrity of the founders.

·         The market opportunity being addressed and the potential for the company to become very big.

·         A clearly thought out business plan, and any early evidence of obtaining traction toward the plan.

Traditional Fix and Flip Investments9611988_orig

Investors carefully choose their remodeling projects, focusing on those that will result in the most value for the least amount of effort and cost. Part of the process includes paying attention to the other homes in the neighborhood to avoid over-improving the property. B.I.M will assist members in pooling together funds to acquire multifamily units and quick return units in order to achieve maximum profits in the minimal amount of time.

This strategy of member pooled equity reduces personal risk in a project, our channel partners provide a continuous flow of available properties and projects across the United States, while many of the properties can also be funded through crowdfunding efforts.