B.I.M. Investment Group, LLC


Our mission is to increase the financial knowledge and wealth of our members, to learn about investing in real estate, crowdfunding projects, stocks and small businesses. We will accomplish our mission through continuous education, sharing of research and the perspective of investing in the long-term. It is difficult for an independent investor to discern through the abundance of information and resources available and make sound decisions. B.I.M. Investment Group takes the wheel for you.


Connecting  your investment needs with business channels across the globe.


Most investment groups utilize a passive investment strategy, one that is typically referred to as ‘buy and hold’. While that may be appropriate for some investors, B.I.M. Investment Group employs an aggressive investment strategy through active management of our investment portfolio. B.I.M. has a ‘Chief Investment Officer’ who directs the investing strategy of the group and manages our portfolio on a daily basis.

Commitment to Integrity

The vision of the B.I.M. Investment Group is to become the partnership viewed by ourselves and others as the standard setter in the area of member involvement, investment return and education quality. This vision will be accomplished by maintaining integrity at all times and abiding by all financial rules, regulations and policies as set forth by any regulatory and enforcement committees of the government of the United States.


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